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Feeler: Trade tanks?


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Hey everyone, just tossing around the idea of trading my tank (4x2x2 120 gal) for a cube of some sort, possibly something smaller. I am ready for a change of scenery with my tank, so most of my livestock would be included for the most part. Just throwing the idea out there to see if anyone is looking to upgrade size wise. No, I am not parting out my tank or anything, just brainstorming something new(scratch)


Shoot me a PM if you have something in mind.

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Also would be interested in buying a cube tank from someone' date=' or trading a bunch of stuff, or whatever... or if anyone knows where they sell them for a reasonable price, let me know! Thanks![/quote']


Waves has 60g starphire cubes for a good price IMO. Not to bad of a drive for ya.

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