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Mikes 70gal build


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Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome.Now that trick or treating is over i finally can post some of the photos i said i would dig up.Sorry there is not more of them,i found this forum after my build so subsequently i diddent take a whole lot of them.But here is what i have.This system was born january 1st 2008.

My tank dimensions are 36x18x25

My finish overall dimensions are 36x18x72

My sump/fuge dimensions are 25x18x24

























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Yes it is.But to be fair i must tell you my father has a 100 soft coral and my brother has both a 125 fowlr and a 55 mixed reef, so you can probally say i might have had a little more help than the average noob.

Im not really content with the rock arrangement though, im kind of wanting to see your new tank sense its of similar size somewhat.

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Its been a long time since i have updated this sorry.Anyhoo I really got tired of the overflow box, I felt it has been an eyesore so I went to tap plastics and got a piece of black acrylic and made a built in overflow.My tank is not drilled so I am still useing u-tubes but in my opinion this looks soooo much better.And obviously i had to drain the tank to do this so I re-aquascaped and ended up with this.



Before the new overflow/old aquascape





After the new overflow/new aquascape



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oh, nice work. I am unfortunate to have a tempered glass tank so no drilling for me. Im currently running HOB stuff but want a sump. SO im looking to get a similar set up. If you dont mind, do you run for sump and return pump? I have a 75g so it would be similar for me.

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Yes I have a 20 gal sump, it is quite easy to do. If you are going to have an internal box of some sort you just have to make shure it can handle the flow from your return pump. On this new box I built I put extensions on the u-tubes so they run allmost to the bottom of the tank so the chance of them ever breaking syphon is very small.

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Its the only one I have had so its hard to say.It is under the stand behind doors and you can hear a slight hum but in my opinion not bad at all.My brother runs an eheim on his 55 and that thing is allmost silent but the problem with them is their biggest pump only pushes half the flow of the mag 18 thus requiring two for my needs.Im happy with it.

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Looking good Mike!!! Well thought through system.


I like the new aquascaping aswell. It is so hard to get things arranged exactly how you like them.






Tell me about it!!! I hate to aquascape, im never content with what I end up with. This latest attempt at it took allmost 4 hours. Needless to say I was a prune afterwards.


Hows your prop system going? I would love to come see it some time.

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