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Top Off System


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I currently mix kalwasser each morning and drip about a gallon into the tank over night. This is a manual process involving starting a syphon, etc. Does anyone have recommendations for an automated Kalk top off system? I don't have any more room in my cabinet for a reactor of sorts, but could run a line from a nearby closet.




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i personally run it in my auto top off. i mix saturated kalk at 2tspn per gallon, and have a 5 gallon bucket under my stand, you could keep in closet. i cut an extension cord, put 2 float switches in line, and plug a aqualifter pump in the end. then build bracket that keeps water at certain height in sump. i also use a small pump to mix, it comes on at same time. i get sediment dosed in tank, but that is fine, calfo doses in shot glass with ULTRA saturation. this way kalk is added throughout the day and night, and keeps pH stable.

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I use an ATO from top-off dot com.


It's set up like this:

RODI water in 5G bucket. The ATO kicks off the lift pump that sucks water from the 5G bucket and pushes it through the kalk stirrer. In order to control the amount of kalk water I have a split in the line that sends water to the stirrer and straight to the tank. I can control the amount of water that goes to either the tank or the stirrer. The stirrer has a small valve on it already. I put a small drip irrigation valve inline of the tube that leads to the tank.


Works great!


I did learn the hard way that make sure ALL the kalk is settled in the stirrer before turning the top off back on. I missed this step and recently dumped untold amounts of kalk straight into the tank resulting in a massive crash that killed 50% of my fish and about 10% of the corals.


It's bounced back nicely though and I still use the kalk stirrer. It was user error that caused the issue!


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