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7" Naso / 7" Yellow Tang / 3" round superman / nuclear candy cane / mean green paly's


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So as my other post said ... My tank is getting torn down due to a fire in my house. My fish are at a friend of a friends house so it's time to start ditching them. I haven't gotten to get over there to get up to date pictures but hopefully can soon. I am no good with prices so i'm kind of just guessing on a lot of this stuff. Let me know if anything is unreasonably priced please.


~7" Naso Tang - $150 - This is a large awesome Naso tang... he eats seaweed from my hand.

~7" Yellow Tang - $40 -


I'll have more once i head over there. Here are some pics... some might be a bit old. I will have more stuff soon including some awesome Rics/Yumas and pink birdsnest and zoa's and HUGE leng sy cap as well as pictures of all this stuff


Superman about 3" diameter and has been growing very fast:



Beautiful piece of Nuclear Green Candy cane coral. There is EASILY 30 heads - $75



Candy Cane - 10-15 heads if i remember right - $25



Mean Green Palys about the size of a large muskmellon - $90



Brown and Yellow scroll coral - $50 maybe 10" across?



Huge Leng Sy Cap. Excuse the poor quality picture when the pic was taken it was under old 10k lights so the color doesn't show. This thing grows very fast. I have no idea what it's worth... I've seen 1"x1" pieces go for $80... Make me an offer. This thing is probably 6"x10" at the top... it doesn't fit in my two hands when i cup them together.


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