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What does it look like when corals spawn??


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My tank all night has had little tiny things floating all over in it. I thought they were bubbles at first glance but they are a lot smaller then that. I turned off most of the flow to get a look at it better but I can't tell. I don't know if that is it or not but I can't seem to figure it out. No source really, just floating all over the tank.

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I went and watched a few on youtube and they all seem larger in size. Clarity is not effected much at all either. I really don't have a ton of coral so I wouldn't expect that to change. This is the only video I found that matches the loook of it at all.



I think I'm just crazy. Tank probably just has stuff floating around or something. The only thing different is that my braincoral, acans, milli, acro, lobo, and monti's all are fully open. That usually doesn't happen to all of them at the same time at night. I don't know, but their is sure something floating around in there

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