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250 watt DE bulbs


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Well the Solaris idea is out the window, so now I'm going with a 250 watt Galaxy ballast and a DE bulb. I'm thinking of the 14k Phoenix bulb, but if you guys have any input on others, feel free to give me your experiences. I am not going to use any VHO's, unless I hate the look of the tank.


Thanks for the input.

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Electronic ballasts can have flickering issues. That's a sign of 2 things. The lamp isn't compatible with that ballast, or the ballast is defective. Defective electronic ballasts can flicker, have starting issues, or flat out don't work.


This technology is still fairly new on our market, and most are hybrid horticulture ballasts meant for CWA or "standard" MH lamps. The lamps we use are a little more complex. The Galaxy, Lumatek, Ice-Cap, and a few others are the ones you can count on. Reason being, they were manufactured with the intentions of being used for our lamps. Flickering is rare with any of them these days for that reason.

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