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Who has the best deals on a 6 line Wrasse?


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I've been thinking about getting a 6 line wrasse, or a wrasse of similar size and temperment as a final fish for my system.


Problem is, I'll have to justify it as a steal of a deal to the wife since moneys tight.(wife)


So who has seen the best deals on 6 lines, and where'd you see em?


Anyone wanna trade me one for some zoanthid or paly frags :D

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Yeah I haven't decided really on the wrasse. I was also thinking of a 4 line.


My main concern is size, since the main tank is only 15 gallons. I know most fairy wrasses dont get too large , but the other concern is price.


Also I've seen a few of the small brown flatworms in the tank and thought I'd nip it in the bud before they get out of control.

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