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Well that's just WONDERFUL!


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Thanks Isaac' date=' yeah that's them. I just tossed the frag -- it was the only one that was infested, and it was a genero-acro. Would have cost more to fix than replace. I strongly suspect they came in on that frag.[/quote']


Keep an eye open Andy. One is all it takes to become a problem.


Heres hoping you got them all out!!! (fingers)

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I had them a few years back on a few frags that were in one of my frag tanks. They are a strange thing really. they never seems to really hurt my frags, rather they just seem to anoy them a bit and block the light. After a few weeks they seemed to just disapear and just to make sure I tossed an Australian banded pipefish into the frag tank they were in. Never say them again. I know have one of the pipes in my softies frag tank just in case they diside to show up. Doubt it though and if they do they aren't too bad of a pest in my opinion.




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