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garrettm85 and SULLY


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thanks to the folks in salem. i found some great corals at some great prices, as well as meeting some really cool people. i will be back that is for sure. i couldn't believe what i got, colors, size, health, and price were all exceptional from both parties.


garrett: cant wait to talk a little more with you and do some trading. how are the frags doing? mine are doing great. good luck with the CO2 as well.


jason: you are so much fun to talk to. i had such a blast while i was there. you have a great store, and i got some killer deals. i get good deals like that from private parties, but NEVER from a store like that. my experience there was absolutely great. glad that we were able to help you out with some fragging as well.


i would like to tell everyone who hasn't worked with these two guys, that they are missing out. the corals are great, and people even better. you should plan on several hours in salem though, if you plan on getting the full-meal-deal with these dudes.

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I am really happy to hear that you had a good time up here. Jason is a great guy to deal with and always treats fellow reefers fair that is for sure. Some freakin crazy cool stuff too. The frags seem to be doing well. I decided to mount them to some frag rocks to let them grow out a bit. The purple deaths, nuc greens, and armor of gods have all been out and seem to be doing awesome. The tubs are still a bit shy, but they are small guys and should be out in no time. When I get back from Seattle, I will be sure and get the CO2 hooked up to my reactor. I have just been way to busy today to do anything that takew any time. Thanks again for the trade and when you come up next, let me know and we will get together for some tradeing or whatever. It will be nice to actually have some more time to chill. Shawn thanks for coming as well. It was good to see you again and I was happy to see another Eugene reefer up our way.




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