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Excited to find you


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Hello everyone,


After an entire week of looking through your website,i have finally figured out how to post a new thread! I am not only new to the hobby but also to computing so please bear with me.

Let me first off say how happy i am to have found a club so close to home,I have been reading on RAG for the last month,and dissapointed seeing as how they seem to be from the seattle area,but it worked out in my favor since thats where i found your club!


My tank is a 70gal reef born on Jan 1, 2008. I have a 25gal sump/fuge,aqua c skimmer,phosban reactor,magdrive 1200 return pump,pacific coast chiller,and 5 stage RODI,and Neptune systems aqua controller. My lighting is two 110watt actinics,two 250 watt metal halides w/icecap ballast and moonlights.


I look forward to digging up some pictures and sharing my progress so far.

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