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One more clam question


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So after my clam moved to what I thougt was a bad place, I took a rock and placed him on that...I thought it was a great spot for him. He disagreed with me and I came home today to find him on the sand..all open and happy. He is a crocea about 2". I remember reading that they should be on rocks, but he keeps dropping for the sand. Thoughts? What should I do? Maybe he wants to be moved up closer to the light? I have only a 15g nano with a 150 MH over it...I thought that the light would be plenty bright for him down low?

Thanks in advance!

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If he likes the sand I would leave him there. In general they "prefer" the rock work, but if they are not happy they will just keep moving until they are. If you want him to stay where you put him you could but the clam on a half clam shell on the sand, or a large frag plug, but preferably the half clam shell. Once it has attached to whatever you put him on you can then move that to your rock work. Even this isn't 100% it could still release its foot and move to the sand. I usually just leave them wherever they go. If it wants to be in the sand then leave it in the sand, because it will probably just keep moving there anyways (laughing). I wouldn't be concerned at all with it getting enough light if it is in a 15 gallon with a 150 halide it is getting more than enough light!! Hope that answers your question.

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