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Free Compressor (3/8 hp) Brand new


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I have a replacement compressor I did not need, if someone is interested for a DIY project let me know its yours.


Retail $278

Its an ACC brand MPT12CD 3/8 HP R404a commercial grade, it has the start and stop relays and ready to insert, good for DIY chiller or other project. You would need to get a condenser capillary and ranco controller, or simply use for replacement of old 1/4 to 1/2 hp unit.


here is link to specs:


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I do need to head up, just finding the time is proving to be next to impossible, I would not ship due to not trusting UPS with something fragile like a compressor, but thats your call. I can't guarantee I will be up anytime soon, but my business plans change daily.... could be coming up any day or may be a month or two...

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