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Free.. Normal Output light fixtures

Queen Angel

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When I first started saltwater tanks, I was doing Fish Only with dead coral. I bought these lights just to light the tank. I have gotten live rock and softies since, so I now have metal halides because I like the shimmer also.


These lights have been sitting in my basement for awhile. They are the ones that sit on top. Three of them are 6' long and two are 4'. They take 4' regular output flourescent bulbs. They all have the same matching oak finish. (plastic) The three 6 footers fit on top of a 125 nicely. The edge of the aquarium is what holds them up.


Plan on putting them on craigslist also. Since now I brought them up from the basement and they are in the middle of my kitchen floor.


Maybe you have a use for them on a large basement sump or something LOL.


Give me a call if interested




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I dont think he was a club member. Im pretty sure he saw the ad on Craigslist. I posted on there too because I figured not alot of people needed regular fourescent for saltwater on this board.


I know if it was a club member they would of said thanks!


I still have some old undergravel plates.. pretty sure no one would want those either. I dont know why I save stuff like I do LOL.

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