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Under Stand Mat


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As many probably know by know (I keep hitting the forum with questions :) ), I am setting up my 55g. The spot I have designated for my tank has wood flooring. Of course, then, I'm worried about the constant drips, splashes, and leaks that are guaranteed to happen over time. Then, of course, I'll end up with a big rot hole when it comes time to move again.

Any suggestions on what to put underneath the tank to prevent said drips, splashes, and leaks from resting on the floor? Does anyone else have a similar situation? Advice?



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If you want to get real busy. Get yourself a rectangle piece of wood that is bigger then the stand, cover it in tile or vinyl flooring. Then build an edge around it that is slightly taller and silicone that to the bottom. that way if water spills it will be contained for easy cleanup. And you can get all fancy with the color of tiles/vinyl.


Hope that makes sence and helps some.

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