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Just got the official invoice.

2 small echino

1 lg echino

2 orange hammer

1 orange lepthastrea

1 war coral (favia pentagona)(Tyree)

5 spider sponge

1 sm grade AA red scolymia

1 md gradeAA red scolymia

1 ORANGE DANAE(most excited about this one)

2 sm elegance

1 md red tip elegance

1 md blue tip elegance

lg Acan lords

1 orange yumma rock


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What happened the normal vulters did not show up(laugh) Hell Frank just lives down the road and Matt is not far off(whistle) Roy would be the last one as he is miles away:D


Just givin you guys a hard time hell if I can get out this weekend am going to have to check it out.

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i've already been in.....twice.........hahaha got me some gorgeous corals(drooler)!!! And they were dirt cheap too as far as aussie corals go! Where were you travis? that orange danae is amazing...i left a piece there for someone else....though i'm starting to regret it i might have to go back and get it(plotting)...monoply:D haha. no but seriously you guys need to get in their and check them out simply stunning! Still lots left for everyone else!! not for long though(plotting)(plotting)(plotting)(laugh)

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Is there anywhere in PDX where I can sell blood?



muhhahaha look what i found



ZLB Plasma Service

16225 Ne Glisan Street, Portland, OR 97230


(503) 251-8822

(503) 261-0499 (fax)


if you look under their faq i think you will find the answer your looking for, immediate compensation through an atm cash card haha(naughty)(nutty)

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