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Spill it...... meeting details


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Kris was able to video tape the talk, so it should appear on the web soon.


Basically Reed was trying to sell Reed products, and gave some convincing arguments why we should all buy his product. It was better than an infomercial...


Still good information.


The clown house was still cool. :)



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I really enjoyed the meeting... Seeing the clownhouse was impressive- photos just don't do it justice. It's an amazing set-up.


I finally won a PNWMAS raffle, I've been playing a long time. I already added the pods to the refugium and fed a good dose of phytofeast.


And a thank you to mrgreenthumb for a frag-

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Mike, anytime you can get up this way I would be happy to show you the clownhouse. The invitation also goes out to any other club member that could not make it to the meeting that would like to stop by sometime. I thought it was a great meeting and learned some new things from Randy. I have been dealing directly with Reed Maricultre for over a year now and they really do have some great products. Almost every one of my feeds that are used for the clowns come from them.



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Randy was great. He was very professional and gave the facts that supported his business. I personally would love to be able to feed my tank stuff that my fish ate and that didn't decompose into nastiness....anyhow, he was prepared, articulate and stayed true even through all of the small children :D . I especially loved when John's granddaughter opened the sliding glass door and said (during the presentation) "That boy out there, he said to shutup"....and Randy's reply, okay I will. Hilarious!


The clown house was awesome. Dave definately put in some time on this one. It was asthetic and wow...what more can I say...


As for the video...I am working on editing it now. I think I will download it on photobucket for now and give a link out...this until I can find a permanent resting place for it on the site!



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