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My Observations/Theory


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I bought an unmated pair of occ. clowns about a year ago. They have always had a RBTA anemone, but never went in it. They had been near it, picked food out of it, and even sampled on very few occasions.


I noticed about a month ago that my clowns were starting to "flutter" and "squirm" in the corner of the fish tank, just in the sand bed. I posted a video link on RC and here, and most people said they couldn't see any mating behavior.


Here's the video:




I noticed about a week ago that the female is getting VERY fat, and she was nudging the glass with her mouth, I assume to clear a spot for eggs. She remains FAT all the time, even if I dont feed, and continues to nudge.


Tonight, I noticed (after over a year) the clowns were in the RBTA. They are both in it, and playing like crazy.


My theory is that they wanted a place to have babies. They probably want to lay their eggs close to the anemone, where the young can seek shelter. I am not going to try and raise them, but this is what I think the motivation is.


What do you think?



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