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SALE: PCI-1000 Skimmer


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I have a PCI-1000 Skimmer for sale. This is a needle wheel skimmer that has been modded to have both the needle wheel needles and #4 mesh. It works great. I have been using it on my 72 bowfront with heavy bioload and heavy feeding for over a year, and it works great. I pulls lots of skimmate out of my tank constantly, and when I feed it goes nuts for about an hour, then back to normal. This is not the recirculating model, but could easily be modded to do so if you so chose. It is rated at somewhere around 100-125 gallons, depending on your load. For me it is too small. If you dont feed much and dont have many fish, it would be great for tanks anywhere from 20-100 gallons. I modded the skimmer cup to have an air line coming out of it to drain into a remote collection cup, because it makes so much skimmate. In the process of modding this i dropped the skimmer cup and put a crack in it. It is still whole, but has a crack in it. It doesn't leak, and the lid still goes on, but I just want to be honest in it being damaged.


I think that $80 would be fair for this skimmer. I would be up for select frag trades such as super colored SPS. Also looking for a Sendra 9000 needle wheel pump.

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Just wanted to post some pics. Also, this skimmer will not be available until I get the new one set up, which should be in a week or two. Right now you can just let me know you are interested, and I will give people PM messages once it is available.






This picture shows the crack in the skimmer cup. It goes around the back a little, but if you are careful it should be fine. It has epoxy on it now and holds very well.



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