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Heres my 15 gallon reef


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I figured I better post this up in here too :D


I ended up adding another 3 inches of height onto the partial hood I got and painted it matching black. I retro fitted 2x70w HQI's and 2x24 50/50 pc bulbs into it. I'm thinking of going to 2x 150w hqi's and T5 actinics instead though.


I drilled another hole in the stand for a second return and plumbed a SCWD valve into the system.


Made the large sump into a refugium with a 27w powerquad 6500k bulb on the back side of the sump.


I managed to squeeze a Coralife superskimmer 125 onto the back of the bubble trap, but it doesnt fit now with the plumbing for the SCWD valve so I'm trading it for a smaller one this weekend.


Now for some pics (clap) These are all about 2 months old but still nice. I'll have to get some new growth shots posted soon and some pics of the sump and refugium setup.

























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Tank temp during normal non summer months is right on the button at 78.


I was going to run a single 70w bulb, but the tank is 24 inches long and I didn't think I would get the light spread I wanted with a single bulb. Plus 2>1 when it comes to the cool factor(laugh)


Over the summer when the temp got warm outside, it did alright as long as my A/C was on. But when it got near the 100's outside I floated some 2 liters of ice in the sump on a rotating schedule.


I have 3 x 25mm fans mounted in the back of the canopy, I probably should change the configuration but it seems to be working well with all 3 blowing into the canopy. I'd prefer to have more vents to the front of the canopy to allow air to escape, but I just prop it open barely and that works :D


But yeah, on second thought, 2x 150's in there might be a little much(nono) I think I'll probably just convert the power compacts over to T5 actinics and replace the 70 watt bulbs so that they are the same brand. They both are supposed to be 14k bulbs but there is a visable difference in color.

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Dang its been a while, guess I better update with some new pics of the tank.


Now that the wife is going back to work and I got a promotion I can afford to do more than just water changes on the tank now (laugh)


Pretty much everything in these pictures is grow out from the original pics on page 1.


I'll try not to be such a phantom on the forums going forward.













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That is awsome!! Guess who built that system? Yep I did! Abought 3 years ago! Dose it still have the auto topoff behind the tank? lets see the sump.


Kudos to you sir(clap) This is one of the best systems I've ever owned.


The ATO is indeed still hooked up behind the tank. I think I listed most of the additions in one of the posts in the thread, but honestly there wasn't much more I needed to do. You can tell you put a lot of thought into the design.


I did end up making the hood a bit taller and added the lid to it. Retro'd in some PC's and HQI's with 3 computer fans. Drilled an additional hole in the stand for another return and hooked in a SCWD valve. Running the sump as a fuge, added a skimmer onto the side of the bubble trap.


I'll see if I can get some sump shots loaded up here soon.

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Thank you! I did do allot of design and thinking when putting it together! Im so happy to see that it's getting used! Cienna I beleave was her name on here, bought it from me and I dont think she ever set it up! I love the lighting ya have! I dont think Id change a thing! Ya I would love to see the sump's again! there is still two right?

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I originally had a much larger skimmer in there and it was kind of overkill. Then when I added the SCWD valve I had to move the bubble trap forward to make room for the return line. So I ended up going with a smaller skimmer and it really does fit like it was made for it (laugh)


I kind of wish I would have kept the hard plumbed ball valve on the original return line that you had set up in there, but I just couldn't get it to fit in there with the scwd. Water changes are still pretty easy with the amount of room in stand. (Btw the stand is also really well made, nice job) I just drop one of my other pumps into the sump and pump it out, then fill it back up.

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its a beautiful tank and i love the canopy, im tempted to do something similar to that with my tank, thanks for the chance to actually see what it would look like


and honestly man, that has got to be the nicest 15g tank ive ever laid eyes on, definitely a tank to be proud of

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