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FS: Books, Remora Pro skimmer, plant stuff, misc.


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I sold my large tank when moving and no longer have the space for a big tank, so I'm trying to thin out some of the excess....



The Conscientious Marine Aquarist $15

Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook - Barrons $5

Algae: A Problem Solver Guide $6

Clownfishes and Sea Anenomes - Barrons $5



Very large fish net $4

Brine shrimp hatchery kit - brand NEW, sealed package $6

Used maxijet 1200 $10


Ice cap 120mm variable speed canopy fan. This was used for maybe 6 months, but re-packaged in original box. $25

Current Lunar Light Nocuturnal Blue - NEW - sealed in package - $12

Pair of aquagloves $6

2 packages of seaweed food - Red seaweed and green marine algae. $2 for the pair.


Freshwater/Planted stuff:


24" Freshwater Aqualight T-5 Double strip, used about 6 months w/original box $25

2 bags of Flourite, used about 6 months, rinsed clean $15

Flourish Excel 500ml, almost full $5

Flourish Potassium 250 ml, almost full $3

Flourish 250 ml, almost full $3

ViaAqua Stainless Steel heater, 250 watts, external temp control, brand NEW in box $15

Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants - hardcover - $15


I might consider a trade/partial trade for a small tank or small tank lighting or stand....


I live near Longview, WA. Thanks!

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