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WTB 15 Gallon Tall


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Does anybody have a 15 gal tall they would like to get rid of? I need a tank or sump in the area of 20 (lenght) x 10 (width) x 16 (height). The length and width are pretty cruical, height I can work with. It doesn't need to be pretty, just hold water. I'll be using it for a refugium.





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12.99 for a 10 gallon at Petsmart


I know its not the height you need, but it has the other measurements you need. I just gave one away, it leaked anyway, the person was going to used it for a critter of some sort.


I have a 20 gallon, but it would be too big. I have a 2 1/2 gallon, LOL, way too small.


Anyways, thought maybe a tank from Petsmart might work.



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Iv'e got a 16 tall eclipse with iron stand, and eclipse hood. I'll do it all for 10 bucks! It was used as a seahorse breeding tank so is totally safe no copper or any other nasties!! It isn't clean but it isn't filthy!!! The only stipulation is you have to take it all even if you have no plan of using the stand and hood. You can even throw it in the dumpster on the way to you car when you pick it up. I'm just lazy!!!

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