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I've only used it in my hot-tub, not my aquarium, but here is an article that has some really good information:


Ozone and the Reef Aquarium, Part 1: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ozone and the Reef Aquarium, Part 2: Equipment and Safety

Ozone and the Reef Aquarium, Part 3: Changes in a Reef Aquarium upon Initiating Ozone


WARNING: This is a highly technical article with more information than you ever thought you needed to know about ozone in an aquarium. ;)


There is a section in Part 2, Ozone Reaction Chamber: Suitable Materials, that gives details on compatibility issues.

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I was running a genx ozone generator with my controller, I just bought a Red Sea ozoniser with the orp probe and monitor built in, like it alot so far. I still monitor the orp with my controller and use it as a safety backup. when I first started using ozone there was a noticeable difference in the tank surfaces and the water. I did check with my skimmer manf Euro-reef to make sure it was safe for ozone use

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