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need a job


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you could always put in an application at Swanson Superior in springfield. this would be a good paying entry level job, but would require some hard work, and not a very flexible schedule. they run days, swing, and graveyard, so hopefully one would fit you. i know that they are always looking, and they are growing fast. in this slow time, they are adding more and more machinery, which is a good sign. the company owns many, many lumber mills in oregon, so they get revenue from many locations with several different product options. i dont know exactly what they pay, but i would say somewhere in the $12.00 an hour range for starters.

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I actually work out of the Oregon Market headquarter building (our market is Oregon and SW Washington) - I supervise the application and database development group here...and I am the DBA as well.

Comcast is a great company to work for, and I have worked for a number of companies around (Tektronix, InFocus, PGE.....) :)

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Sean, the schools have done most of their hiring for classified jobs for the year. There are sub positions available for bus drivers and custodians. Occasionally special ed positions (one on one aide) pop up too. I will scan the job sites here in Lane County. I do this anyways to watch for admin positions.

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