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Black Sand

Holdencraft 33

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Boy I didnt realize how long its been since I visited your great site. Im sure no one remembers me(whistle)so Ill introduce myself again.


My name is Dion. 9 years into the addiction. 400g system includeing a blue spotted ribbon tail ray tank, 50g bangaii breeding tank, and a 75g bangaii grow out tank. Also a 180 reef. Im even nerdy enough to go to Macna when we can. (missed it this year(flame)) Even worse Ive been in the presidency of our local club for a couple of years now. WMAS. www.utahreefs.com


Any way we spend time every summer cruizing from the redwoods up the coast to Newport and sometimes all the way to Seattle.(I lived there for several years.) On one of our trips to the coast we picked up some black beach sand that is in my daughters 55g reef. At this time we are setting up a 240g lookdown tank and would like to use the black sand if available. I hate to drive back to the coast if I can help it.


Is this sand available comercially? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dion

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Joel at Waves has some in a display tank at the shop. He is a sponsor here.

So use that to get his phone number and call and see if he can find it for you.


Look here.....




PS I remember the screen name.



Thanks so much, I will give them a call. I know the Nano refers use the Tahitian black sand. I'm hoping to get the two tone Oregon beach look. IT has worked out awesome in my daughters tank and I think it would be very impressive in my new 240. Thanks Again.

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