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Frags Please! Items for Frags!!


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I'm looking to trade for some frags or corals. I can split all of this up. Or if you want it all. Which ever is best. I cannot really place a value on most of these items.I am also looking for some lighting. I think we can make an easy deal. I don't need the items. I would like to get some nice looking frags / corals. I can meet you anywhere in the Portland area anytime before 11am or after 11pm. This is based on a Sun-Thur Schedule. I also have Fri and Sat off, anytime on these days is fine too. I hope we can help each other out. Image links are at the bottom. I can answer any question you want.


Thanks! Dean



1. Birthing net. Good condition


2. Algae fix fresh water only


2. Aquarium sealent clear new.


4. Three Misc decorations.


5. Aqua reminder new.


6. Nova Aqua plus water conditioner Fresh water only


7. 1 Magnum 330 canister filter. I don't think they sell these anymore. It does work though.

All the items I have are included in the picture. It came extra with my tank. It is an incomplete setup. You can still get hoses and O rings for this.


8. Two 25lb bags of natural color gravel. From Walmart. around 25.00 worth new price. new and unopened. I bought this gravel by mistake. Bought ground coral instead. Now I have the two unopened bags. I lost the receipt. 50lbs total.






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If you want some xenia, I'll give you some. I'm located in Oregon City. Probably Friday evening, or Saturday afternoon works best for me.


I could use the aquarium silicone if you want to trade it.


What kind of lights do you have? that kinda determines the type of coral that can be traded.



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T5-48 These would be my first corals. I just want to get things started. Wasted my wad on the setup. Now all I can do is trade until payday. Frtiday evening works for me or Sat afternoon. Ill PM you my phone number.


Ill give you the Silicone for some Xenia.


Thanks! Dean

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