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Large Protein Skimmer


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I would like to find a larger skimmer for my tank. I currently have a PCI-1000 skimmer, which is good, but probably a little under what I need. I only have a 75 gallon tank, the skimmer is rated for 125, but I feed a nasty coral food, and have a fairly heavy bioload.


I have plenty to trade including the PCI skimmer, CO2 tank and Regulator and Flow Meter, 46 Gallon Bowfront, and Coral Frags. I am looking to get something that is in the 6" to 8" diameter range, that is rated for around 180+ gallons.

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is that the same top fathem 36" skimmer that josh had? if so that is funny, but if not, that is even funnier. 36" is a very big skimmer, and i dont know how well they work. i know they are a venturi skimmer, so are good, but are slowly falling behind the times as far as technology. i dont know if i could run a needle wheel pump on it. i am thinking that a needle wheel couldn't get the head pressure and flow that would be required to go up 36". that said, i would love to look at it and ponder on the ideas and whether it might work. send me a PM with your phone number and address. today works best, its my only day off, LMK.


if anyone has any info/experience about these fathom skimmers let me know.


also still interested in other skimmers, so let me know what you have.

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