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Thanks Casey!! (csrdph)

Queen Angel

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Thanks Casey


I am going to add to this thread. I met Casey and his lovely wife today while conducting some fishy business! (whistle) Two amazing people with amazing tanks, and they cut me a heck of a deal. They even offered up some extra freebie pieces. (rock2)


Casey it was an absolute pleasure doing business with you and your wife. Everything is already open and looking awesome, including the Torch coral. I think it will pull through, you've got to love T-5's. As soon as my tank is a little more muture I would love doing business with you again. :p


Thank you, and take care



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Thanks again Casey!!


I still am in awe struck from seeing your tanks yesterday. Not only are your tanks beautiful, so is your house and decor, and heck while Im at it.. you guys are beautiful people. May sound odd to some, but to the people that have met you, Im sure they would agree. You two are the nicest people I have ever met.


You also gave me a great deal on everything. I came there to get the six-line wrasse and came home with a 5 gallon bucket full of goodies. Last night the wrasse was being a ham with his reflection in the glass.


Im going to be rearranging my whole tank today with the corals I got from you. Im so excited. Need to get a new tong/grapper thingy today.


Anyways, thanks again for a super great deal.



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