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FOR SALE. All has to go. stuff thats left over.

El Salvador

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Here is a list of the stuff that is left over from my syste. Thanks everyone.

Up for sale.


1. Used Aquamax 4 stage RO/DI unit. $100 OBO. SOLD2. Purchase top off system. About 1 month use only. $100 Great system SOLD

3. http://www.thepurchaseadvantage.com/page/TPA/CTGY/pulsafeeder_chem_tech_100_chemical_pumps.html

4. Mesh mode RPS-1000 Skimmer. $100 http://www.fishtanksdirect.com/browseproducts/Pacific-Coast-RPS-1000-Protein-Skimmer.html

5. 4 T5’s 2 foot lights, reflectors and ballast. $100 Lower price to $75 6. One single end HQI 400W MH System with 2 20K Radium bulbs. $150 OBO Lower the price on the lights to $100

7. 3 month old Blue line return pump. You want a pump that don’t make noise. This is one of them. $75.

8. 20G Sump $50

9. Two little fish Phosphate rectors. $50

10. 2 foot cube with close loop system. ¾ “ returns 4 of them. 2 ½ “ intake for the close loop. Flow box is out side of the tank. Comes with costume canapy and stand. $500 OBO. Lower ther price on the tank and canapy and stand to $40011. Lots of extra stuff Light refugium lights and Max 12 pumps and some Reef crystals salt.


Here is a front shot of the tank http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/album.php?albumid=1


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Not sure. will have to get back to you on it.


It's ether the H30 or H40 I know that it worked great for my system and I was pushing water through my 3/4 chiller and pushing water to my CO2 Rector,Skimmer, two Phosphate reactors and as my 3/4" seaswirl. Sounds like a lot, but it's a great pump. I over paid for it at sea horse, but are you going to do. Thanks for looking

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