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MACNA 2009


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MACNA 2009


So for the last two years I said I was gonna go to MACNA. Pittsburgh went by and then Atlanta came (which I heard wasnt too great anyway) and I still didnt go. This years is in ATLANTIC CITY!!! Freakin ATLANTIC CITY!!! Besides Vegas what better place to have it.


So my question is who is really serious about going?????


Tickets are at a discounted rate of $89 (the whole meal deal) till October 31st. Which is usually about half the "AT DOOR" ticket prices . One thing buying in advance helps is adding stuff to the event. I talked to some people from Pittsburgh and when more "pre-reservations" came in they added stuff like breakfest both mornings and a open bar BOTH nites. Im not sure how that would run with the New Jersey club but hopefully the same.


I am definitely going this year. I already have my ticket and have to wait for plane scheadule to open up. Rooms are going for $139 a night which for in Atlantic City on a weekend thats a good deal.


So post here with thoughts or questions and hopefully we can get a group to go. Later Ryan

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I am definately going next year!!! Maybe I need to purchase my ticket so that I am committed :) I wish that I was there this year with all the different speakers that were either talking or had experience with breeding. I have to start putting money aside now so that I am not scrambling.



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OMG I would freakin love to go. I really never thought about it too hard as I didn't really think that it could happen, but this year I might actually be able to convince the wife if she knows that alot of other locals are going as well. Hhmmm... I might just have to put some coin into this one. Maybe a good mini vacation is in the future.



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I am committed to go and will be there. Just got back from Atlantic City and it should be interesting. I recommend comparing prices of flights all the way to Atlantic City to getting transportation from Philadelphia or Newark (possibly sharing some type of transportation with others).

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MACNA XXI in Atlantic City, NJ September 25-27, 2009


Ryan - thanks for the thread! here's the official blurb we're spreading around the clubs:


MACNA XXI is coming to Atlantic City, NJ September 25-27, 2009! We've arranged for rooms in the beautiful Sheraton Atlantic City (they're selling fast though so don't delay), which is connected via walkway to the Convention Center. Folks who fly Spirit Air can fly directly into The Atlantic City International Airport and the Philadelphia International Airport is an easy drive to the hotel. We already have half of our current vendor spaces sold and expect the rest of the booths to move quickly.


There is an $89 discount admission that lets you experience all 3 days of the conference speakers, trade show floor, Friday Night reception, Saturday Night Banquet and Sunday raffles! This discount admission is available through October 31. Be sure to sign up before then for the best price on the full conference passes.


For those who haven't been, MACNA (The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) is a three day conference for the saltwater enthusiast with more than 20 speakers giving presentations on many aspects of the saltwater aquarium hobby. We have an 83,000sqft trade show space with over 100 booths filled with manufacturers, distributors and coral farmers. MACNA is the oldest saltwater aquarium conference and at last year's conference there were more than 1500 attendees.


With the beaches, boardwalk and Casinos just a 4 block walk from the hotel and ample shopping in between, there is plenty for family and friends to do if they come with you to Atlantic City. Come early, stay long. The Jersey beaches are beautiful in September with warm waters and strong sun still plentiful.


Please use this thread to ask questions you may have and we will be by to answer them. You can also check out our website. http://www.macnaxxi.com


See you all in Atlantic City!

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Hey everyone! Be sure to register by October 31 so that you can take advantage of the early registration discounts -- The current price is $89 but that can't last. After October 31 the prices will be $119 for the full conference passes. Post here to show your support when you're registered!

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I am committed to going. Another board I work with (for they are slave drivers :) ) is going to have a booth, and well if I don't go the razzing may be unbearable. I'll be there working a booth.


IF anyone here is interested in going to the notorious "Pirate Party" I can probably get you in. ;)


I am not registering early as with the other site I get a different deal and they are still unsure if they are doing Macna or the Marine Expo, but if things stay the same I'm pretty certain I'll be there.


Thanks for the tip on the flight Rob. When you moving over to the left coast.

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Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays! Forgot a gift? How about a pair of tickets to the the largest saltwater aquarium conference?!


For the more than 200 who have signed up already, we do thank you! You (and those of you who have not yet picked up your tickets) might be interested to know some more details of the event.


Our Friday night reception has taken a turn for the entertaining! We know there just isn't enough time in the day for chatting with fellow reefers so we'll spend Friday night networking, chatting and enjoying each others company. We will be bringing in a band with a local start to entertain us, The NERDS (sorry, Springsteen & Bon Jovi were both already booked). http://www.the-nerds.com/. All along the Jersey Shore they are considered a local legend and truly one of the great cover bands to hit the scene. They have played from Carnegie Hall to the White house and many places in between.


Saturday night's banquet guests will have the pleasure of seeing Mr. John Chatterton, a speaker that I can assure you will find both engaging and entertaining. John Chatterton is one of the world's most accomplished and well-known wreck divers. He is the star of the book Shadow Divers, in which he was instrumental in discovering and identifying a German U-Boat that sank off the coast of new Jersey. He is a cohost for 57 episodes of the popular History Channel series Deep Sea Detectives. He is also a consultant to the film and television industries and has worked with 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and CBS. Most recently John worked with a crew solve the 90 year mystery of the true reason for the rapid sinking of the Titanic. More of his bio can be found here: http://www.johnchatterton.com/bio.php


This event is a truly hobbyist driven event (with over 20 speakers speaking on topics that hobbyists want to hear!). Those who have attended in the past already know that your fish and corals will appreciate all the knowledge (and perhaps prizes) you will bring back along with the memories of putting faces to all the Usernames you know from the boards!


Stay tuned for our next installment of MACNA XXI where we'll tell you about the vendors who have signed on so far to make Atlantic City a conference not to miss!


In case you have not already, here's the link to sign up: http://www.macnaxxi.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=42&vmcchk=1&Itemid=42

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in beautiful Atlantic City!!!

September 25,26,27 2009

BUY your ticket (s) NOW before the end of


when the current discount expires


NOW thru the END of MAY


Full Conference $119.00

3 Day ( no evening events ) $79.00

Single Day Pass $35.00

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If you've never been to a MACNA before and if you're wondering if this event is for you the answer is a resounding YES! Like our Trade Show & Symposium last October, this event will feature many local and national vendors as well as speakers from around the country! This year's theme focuses on bringing the technique and technology of the pros into the hands of the hobbyists! We're looking forward to many hands on presentations for the attendees.


Things are really ramping up to MACNA XXI. We have the majority of our speakers listed on the SCHEDULE and the VENDOR FLOOR is filling in quickly with more than 70 vendors listed so far!


In case you didn't hear, Friday night's party will feature headline band The Nerds for your entertainment while you socialize with the folks that you haven't seen since last year's MACNA. Saturday night we will enjoy a presentation by John Chatterton, subject of the book Shadow Divers and host of the TV show Deep Sea Detectives.


Be sure to buy some raffle tickets at a discount when you register. The big screen TV was such a hot raffle item at New Jersey Reefers Club's AMAZING RAFFLES last year, we will again be raffling off a Super Big Screen TV along with lots of other goodies (both reef and non-reef related). Our vendors have already started the donation list including two really great tank setups. Keep an eye on www.MACNAXXI.com for more information.


The current conference discount expires on May 31 and the prices will go up as a result. Be sure to lock in at the current price as soon as possible (the prices will be $159 come September).


The current prices are:

Full Conference Pass (Includes Fri&Sat Evening Events) : $119

1-Day Conference Pass (No evening events) : $35

3-Day Conference Pass (No evening events) : $79



Those who will be staying at the Sheraton Atlantic City, host hotel of MACNA XXI should reserve their rooms as the block is selling out quickly and there will be no additional availability!


Hope to see you in Atlantic City!

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MACNA XXI Speakers


The NJ Reefers Club is proud to bring you a fantastic selection of speakers presenting a diverse selection of topics.


Some of our speakers include:


* Anthony Calfo

* Julian Sprung

* Robert Fenner

* Frank Marini

* Martin Moe

* Scott Fellman

* Jake Adams

* Steven Pro

* Rich Ross

* Justin Credabel

* Joe Yaiullo

* Mark Levenson

* John Coppolino

* Sanjay Joshi

* Ken Feldman

* Randy Reed

* Filter Guys

* Marco Rocks

* Filter Guys

* Kelly Jedliki

* Jose Dieck


As we finalize the speaker plans we will bring you photos, bios and topic briefs. Check back often for updates! http://www.macnaxxi.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5&Itemid=6

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With May 31 just a few days away, be sure to purchase your tickets TODAY before the early discounts are eliminated.


The current prices are:

Full Conference Pass (Includes Fri&Sat Evening Events) : $119 going up to $139

1-Day Conference Pass (No evening events) : $35 going up to $45

3-Day Conference Pass (No evening events) : $79 going up to $99


Looking forward to seeing you all in September!

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So, You've been hearing a lot about this MACNA XXI thing, right? But you're not too sure what it's all about? To start it's being held in Atlantic City, NJ. September 25th, 26th and 27th. MACNA stands for Marine Aquarium Conference of North America. The name may be misleading to you, maybe you think that this isn't something that you can attend? Well, we're here to tell you that you CAN attend, and if you're an everyday average reefer that's even more of a reason to come! (more to follow on that subject!)


MACNA is a three day event. You may be thinking, what could you possibly do for three days that has to do with your saltwater reef tank? Well, let me tell you! It's a great place to LEARN. There will be some of the industries leading speakers, touching on all sorts of topics that range from water flow, chemistry, aquascaping, water filtering, keeping/breeding ornamental fish and so much more! Now, we also understand that not everyone likes to sit and listen to someone speak. There really is no worry here, you can head on over to the trade show floor. This is where you're probably going to be overwhelmed. (but in a good way...trust us!)


The trade show floor (or the exhibitor area) is where you'll find all of the latest and greatest products for your saltwater reef (or fish!) tank. There are way too many vendors to list, you're probably better off just heading on over to the MACNA XXI website and looking at the EXHIBITOR MAP. If after looking at that you're still not happy, there will also be workshops demonstrating everyday reefing techniques located around the exhibitor hall!


Ok, maybe you would like to bring your spouse or significant other but they really aren't into reefing. Well, a good selling point would be that this years MACNA is being held in Atlantic City, NJ. I'm pretty sure most of you have at least heard of it. There are lots of things to do there during the day (or night) including the beach, boardwalk, casino's, and plenty of shopping. In addition to that, they may also enjoy listening to The Nerds (a local NJ band) that will be playing at our Friday night reception. Then at the banquet (yes, a banquet too!) on Saturday night, John Chatterton will be speaking. He is featured in the book Shadow Divers and has also been on the History Channels Deep Sea Detectives.


So in a nutshell, you get three days FILLED with Speakers, Vendors, Workshops, Raffle Prizes (yes, those too!) and a chance to meet and hang out with other reefers from around the country! It doesn't get much better than that.


So come on out and visit us in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 25th, 26th and 27th. You and the family are sure to have a wonderful time!


Visit MACNA XXI for the full details!

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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's THAT time again! Time to start leaking out some of the fantastic raffle items that we'll have at this years MACNA. If you've ever been to an NJRC Frag Swap, you know that we don't mess around when it comes to raffles . . . we love to make it worth your while! And this year, we're hosting MACNA, and well that's like a 3 Day Frag Swap on Steroids. With that in mind, it would be completely wrong of us to do raffles on one day only. We NEEEEEEED to do them ALL THREE DAYS and that's just what we plan to do. Yep, raffles Friday, raffles Saturday and ridiculous raffles on Sunday. Here is just a teeny tiny, little glimpse of what we have in store (we wouldn't want to tip our hat this early, trust us, there's MUCH more to come!):


• Nautilus EX 30 Skimmer,

• PSK-75H Hang-on Protein Skimmer,

• MP10, MP20 and MP40W Vortech setups…that’s three separate setups

• Artificial Reef #31,

• Geo 612 Calcium Reactor,

• United Pet Group tank, stand and canopy,

• 180g All Glass tank and stand with a MarcoRocks custom rock creation, and an Aquatinics Constellation Hybrid light fixture,

• Great White 300gpd RO/DI unit.

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Here's JUST a BRIEF list of some of the GREEEEAT raffles you would be missing out on if your NOT going to MACNA XXI in Altantic City!!!!



Two Little Fishies:


1 - AquaStik red 2 oz

1 - AquaStik gray 2 oz

1 - CorAffix 2 oz

1 - C-Balance 32 oz

1 - ReVive

1 - PhosBan 150 Gram

1 - ZoPlan

1 - pH Balance 450 gram

1 - HydroCarbon 1 L

1 - Kalkwasser 1 lb

1 - PhosBan Reactor 150


Aqua FX:


Great White 300 gpd RO/DI Unit


Marco Rocks and Aquatinics:

Full 180g setup.

The setup includes a 180g All Glass tank and stand, a MarcoRocks custom rock creation, and an Aquatinics Constellation Hybrid light fixture.


Aquatic Life:


Aquatic Life CO2 Regulator w/Integrated Solenoid Valve

Aquatic Life pH Controller/ORP Monitor with Probes

Aquatic Life 100 GPD Computer Controlled RO/DI System




8 - B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System 64 fl. oz. units

2 - Gallons B-Ionic Magnesium *

2 - Gallons ESV Granular Activated Carbon

2 - ESV Calcium Hydroxide (Kalkwasser Powder) 4 lbs.




PSK-75H, Hang-on Protein Skimmer, designed for tanks 10-75 Gallons


Premium Aquatics:


Geo 612 Calcium Reactor


United Pet Group:


72 x 36 Red Oak Stand

72 x 36 Red Oak Canopy

72x36x27 300g Standard Tank Black

72x36 Glass Canopy

Model 4 fits- 180, 200 DD, 220xh, 250 DD, 265, 300 DD

ML high end light, HQI


Rod's Food:


10 Large Packs of their Original Blend Food




$50.00 Gift Certificate




$50.00 Gift Certificate


The Fish Factory:


$50.00 Gift Certificate


Ocean Gallery II:


TWO Wyoming White Ocellaris Clowns from C-Quest


Instant Reef:


"Instant" Artificial Reef #31


Eco Tech Marine:


Three Vortec Setups: MP10, MP20 and MP40W


Captain Nemo's Aquarium Superstore:


Nautilus EX 30 Skimmer

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So....who is going ? I'm thinking about it since I think I might have a little time then.....but' date=' it is a hassle to get there....no non-stops from PDX plus an hour drive from Philly.[/quote']


Yeah the non-stop killed me to Steve. That extra car rental sucks too. I had tickets on the presale but just got rid of them. I guess I will be doing Vegas in September instead. Any idea on where it will be next year??

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We just had to share these....check out these 3 great prizes .....

But, there's just one catch----you have to BE THERE to win!!!!


Get your ticket NOW!!!! Go to www.macnaxxi.com






Friday, a Nikon D40 camera with an 18-55mm lens will be among the prizes raffled off.....



Saturday, a Dell Inspiron 1525 workbook is one of the raffle prizes....



Sunday, you could walk away with a 52 inch Sony Bravia LCD TV. Just the tip of the iceburgh on Raffle Sunday!


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At MACNA XXI, NJ Reefers Club is providing for your listening pleasure: speakers, speakers, and more speakers.

Nope, not the square kind. The kind of speaker that you can learn from, learn how to better your Fish/Reef tank.!!!

These are the speakers we're talking about.....































One thing to remember....you have to BE THERE to hear them.


Tickets are available online. Check it out!


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