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Glass tank, stand,canopy for sale $300


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P1020485.jpgP1020483.jpgP1020484.jpg[/img]The tank is an odd size 30" wide, 20" tall and 18" deep. It is pre=drilled with two 1/2' holes and two 1" holes along the upper back of the tank. It has simple overflow and return plumbing,and a temporary sump setup-as I was using it for a temporary transfer tank. I am not sure how many gallons it is-just the tank dimensions. The stand and canopy are clean looking light oak. The canopy has a four 24" t-5 lighting set up- with two cords. The canopy has two front lift doors + the lid lifts for larger rock etc. asking $300. The pictures show livestock and rock that are not intended to be included.



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Here's an easy way to figure out Volume.


Length x Width x Height divided by 231 = Total Gallons.


30" x 20" x 18" = 10,800 divided by 231 = 46.75 Gal.


If you were to use the inside measurements it would be around 45 Gallons.


Nice footprint on that tank.

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