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Tank breakdown sale. All prices OBO.


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I am breaking down my tank. There is very little I am keeping for my new tank. All prices are OBO.


1. Three chamber seperated sump. This is perfect for someone with a stand that has a center brace that is in the way. Made by Sol. Paid $185 I believe. Asking $120 obo Clean

Dimensions: "Large" 25.5"x14.5"x15.5 "Small" 12.5"x14.5"x15.5"



2. Duel 250w Ballast; Universal Lighting M250MLTAC3M, M58 Magnetic Probe Start, with Mogul sockets and reflectors. 2x 250w XM 20,000k Metal Halide bulbs. Bulbs used for 4 days only Ballast used 1.5 years. Paid $65 each bulb+shipping from hellolights. $175 obo




3. VHO Retrofit Kit. Ballast fires 4x48" T12(VHO), waterproof end caps. Comes with 4 bulbs, 1x10,000K Aquasun Daylight, 2x 50/50 Actinic / White Aquasun, 1x Super Atinic Aquasun. All bulbs used 4 days. Bulbs alone cost me 92.80+shipping. $150 obo


4. Coralife Super Skimmer 220 - Clean, no leaks or cracks, used 1 year. Not modded. Works well once its dialed in. Retails 224.99 at marinedepot.com Asking $120 obo



5. Up for grabs is an Envision 125g.


Dimensions: 24"x24"x48"

Construction: 1/2" acrylic, back and overflow are black. No holes other than the return in the upper left corner. Flawless seams. High quality.


Light scratching, but nothing you can really see when its filled with water.


Originaly $2,000. I am asking $500 for the tank. I am pretty firm on the price. It comes with a FREE stand and hood. The stand is painted brown, and isn't the most beautiful thing in the world. If you don't want it then no biggie. I'll dispose of it.


I am also including a durso standpipe for the overflow, and a large magnetic, acrylic safe, glass cleaner.


Working on better pics.



Again, all prices are obo. Message me, or call me at 503-201-9031.

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