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Christmas Party Poll-Menu Read thread before Voting!


Christmas Party Poll-Menu Read thread before Voting!  

  1. 1.

    • 1. Sweet and sour pork...$11.75 (see thread for enire menu choices)
    • 2. Vegetable Low Mein....$12.80
    • 3. vegetable Egg Rolls....$13.75
    • 4. Cream Cheese Crab puffs.....$15.95
    • 5. No Preference.

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I was able to get some menu choices approved for the Christmas Party at Kwans Cuisine. From what I hear...the food is excellent. In order to keep the cost of the meals low we need to decide on 1 menu for the entire group and I wanted to give the opportunity to those PLANNING on attending a chance to help decide.


You will have to read the selections here then choose above, as I could not fit the menu items on the poll!


Dinners do not include drinks. We can choose strawberry-lemonade at about $1.00 per person or soft-drinks at around 3.50 per person.


You will have the opportunity at an upcoming date to let me know if any special dietary needs are required!




1. Sweet and Sour Pork, Barbeque Pork Fried Rice, Sauteed Vegetables, Chicken Broccoli with Mushrooms, Kwan's Chow Mein with Beef....11.75 per person


2. Vegetable Low Mein, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Mongolian Beef (mild), Kwan's special fried Rice,

Chow Mein a la Malya (mild)....12.80 per person


3. Vegetable Egg Rolls, Lemon Chicken, Ham fried rice, Curry Foo Young (mild), Mongolian Beef Chow fun (mild), Kung Poa Chicken (mild)...13.75 per person


4. Cream Cheese Crab Puffs, Parchment Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, Szecheuen Beef (mild), Barbeque Pork Chow Yuk, General Tso's Chicken (mild), Vegetable Chow Fun with Green Beans....15.95per person.


All Meals come with White Rice, Tea and Fortune Cookies...Also remember that gratituity is NOT included in the above prices.

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Do we have the option of ordering a la carte' date=' or do attendees *have* to buy in?[/quote']


Yeah do you have to buy in?

I'm not big on any of those options, (sorry- not big on Asian food period), or can we just come and buy a drink and enjoy?

Buying in will figure into if I will come, (with family members), would like to but...........


Another question... Are kids the same price?

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What is the difference Kris if we all order different things? I cant imagine it being much more. Most of our Christmas parties over the last couple years haven't had more than 20-30 members. Just a thought. This is good that your are giving this much notice though. Good thinking. Later Ryan

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This has been a very difficult thing to get done! Just getting a menu with decent pricing has been a chore!


The hope was that if we threw a great party, we could get more people to attend! This was also the main reason why we are going further south...in hopes that more from ALL areas would attend. Kwan's was about the only place that we found that was affordable and that could handle our needs.


Most of the places I spoke to didn't have room to put alot of people together, or they were way too expensive to even consider. We could certainly try to all fit into a general "area" at some restaraunt, but then it wouldn't really be an event that was private, it would be just another get together.


Granted we were lucky to have the room at JJ's in the past...but now, those things are hard to come by. In order to reserve a room...plans need to be made so that enough food could be on hand for a large group (I am hoping 40-50 people!) Not only that, but staffing needs to be arranged to take care of that kind of group (even 20 or 30 people).


I am really trying to plan this to please all and to make it a really nice event for our club. As for special menus...yes they can be arranged.

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  • 2 weeks later...

WOW...got five votes for this. I really have tried to help put on a great party and cater to all in the state of Oregon. I have sent in a depost already to secure the location. I am hoping to speak to Mr. Kwan in person this weekend to discuss ALL options. Granted, this special attention may cost extra...I will let you all know soon, and in the meantime, keep my chin up.



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I would like to suggest we post our special diet requests here (vegetarian; vegan; low sodium; diabetic; gluten-free; etc.), then Kris can talk to Mr. Kwan.


Special Diets - Kwans



I am not worried if it is actually Kosher, (blessed by a rabbi), but a non pork option is definately important to me, and my kids.



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