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Local Shooting Ranges/Areas near Vancouver??


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Kinda new to the area & want to try out few guns I just got.

Anyone know a place where I can target practice on a few cans and and targets?


Not looking for gun clubs or anything, just a place where I can pull of the side of the road and set up some targets.


I use to go to a place near orchards/battleground area about 13 yrs ago but I forgot where it was.


any suggestions will be appreciated.


Jay R

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I usually go to Scappoose for target shooting, its up in the hills 35 mins from portland. I when there over 15 times last couple years and see noone complain yet, I see bunch of people when up the hills to pickup left over used brass. Hey maybe we can hook up together and go one of this day. I have couple AR15s and couple handguns want to try out.... If you want more information you can check out website http://www.oregonconcealedcarry.com.

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CCR.... NE Portland is a lot better then 5 years ago ever since they moved the Police Station (MLK and Killingsworth) there 10 years ago' date=' I haven't smell any gun powder lately (scratch)[/quote']


They did a pritty good chane on the GP smell. More like Popeyes Why do you think there is 2 on MLK?(clap) I LOVE THAT CHICKEN(clap)

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Last I heard, Brown's Camp was closed. I don't know of anything in the Vancouver area. For the larger shindigs we go up to a quarry off Memaloose Road out past Estacada. If it's just be and a buddy, we'll go to TCGC or out in the woods near Vernonia. From what I've seen, the days of pulling off the road and poppin' some cans are long gone :(

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