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Nano sized tank CAD drawings


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Well I want to build a nano in Hawaii since I'll be moving around for awhile..

I want to hook this up to a 5 gallon how could I do that ?

I'd like a bigger buffer with portability as possible.

Without the 5 gallon bucket overflow,the water overflows into the middle then is fed into a pump that feeds each side . Each side has a locline/modular piping each side has it's own valve since the fuge(to have lots of colorful macro) side should have less flow. Can I use acrylic for the middle baffels(right word?) so I can dremel in the teeth easily, then just silicon it in since the rest of the tank will be 1/4 inch glass.


I'll be using 2 bulkheads one for each side,it would really be sweet if I could use acrylic (unless I can do the 5 gallon bucket add-on)

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