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Urchin in an acrylic tank?


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i had both a small purple urchin and a long spine urchin in my 120 acrylic tank.


i dont believe the long spine did much damage, but the purple one sure did. he would stick everything to his body: rubble, frags, zoos, nori...and then of course drag this over the front panes of my aquarium leaving uniform freedy krueger like marks for several inches. not pleased.


and, knowing that most urchins will eat the coralline algae off your rocks, in addition to the rock itself at times, just imagine what they will do to your acrylic if they are foraging/ find a tasty morsel of algae growing...


my recommendation is: dont do it! go glass!

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I think it is all in the actual urchin. I have 4, one pencil, and tree that look like a regular purple but one of those is all white, and one is bark blue with white spines. The pencil is only seen about every 3 weeks or so, and just hides in the rock work all the time. The true purple is big, and eats algae veraciously. Doesn't usually cary much at all (except nori). The blue is out off and on, eats good, and has carried not one little pebble in the year and a half I have had him. He likes to wedge himself while the halides are on for safety I guess. usually comes out after that. The white one is the one that drives me nuts. He is my "interior design urchin". He will take anything that is less then 5 times his size. He took a 5"x4" piece of green monti right off a rock one day. Tries stealing my rics, frag disc and all!!!(flame)(enforcer)


I don't know where you are located but I was thinking of maybe letting go of 2 of them. I can't let go of my white one as I would not feel good bestowing that pain in the a$$ on anyone. But if you wanted one of the others, I'm sure we could work something out.(naughty) I'm in Portland area basically, a little on the outskirts...

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