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Oregon Collecting


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Yes, you can obtain permits from odfw in Oregon. I obtained a scientific collectors permit. This is also used for educators. There are other types of permits as well. Divers can obtain permits in our state. Also, Washington state issues permits. I do not know the details on them but there are fantastic places to dive and collect in the Puget Sound if you are a diver. PM steve weast he knows the ins and outs of collection in both states.


One last thing, anyone can obtain a shellfish permit. There are limits to what you can collect and you should read the rules about shellfish collection in the odfw handbook.


This link is quite helpful. http://www.dfw.state.or.us/mrp/shellfish/regulations.asp


What is most important is to not collect in the special marine zones. Download the marine handbook from odfw to find these locations.

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