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WTB 70 watt MH


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I am looking for a 70 watt MH HQI or mogul. I do not really care! A fixture would be great but can be retro. I need it asap for as cheap as possible! Let me know what you have and how much prefer with a bulb even if its pretty old. Its for a tank I have setup for a friend and need to get some light on this tank for the softies. The problem is that it is a tall, narrow tank so I fugure MH is the best option to get light all the way down to the bottom. I would like to in the future after the tank is more seasoned be able to put a couple of sps in there to so MH is my only option there. Like I said I need to find this ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!Anybody, I do not mind a drive if that is what it takes!!!!!!!!!(fingers)

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70 watt


Funny hearing this from someone with 400's on their 29 gallon(laugh).


My tank is different, I can monitor it better. This tank I will only see once a week when I service it. I need something I do not have to worry about!!!!

Aquaticengineer...... I have that in mind!!! I just thought I would see what somebody here has first so I do not have to do much elecrical wiring.

I might even be willing to pay you to buy the stuff and put it together?????(naughty)

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