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Hello all

I have A question on salinity, My tank has been cycled for two months now and was thinking about getting some frags,all test are great,with my water top off my readings have been steady at 1.025-1.026 for two weeks now, so went to LFS and had water tested they said every thing was good salinity 1.024, ok so stopped by another LFS on way home and he said every thing good but salinty was 1.030 so who do I believe and if salinity was around 1.030 what would this do to corals and fish



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What are you using to test your water? I know I have went through the same thing. One LFS had water at this next was this and so onDOH! I do check water when I get frags just to see if things are on the up and up and my refractometer seems to always read the same.

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Guest LisaJill

The 1.030 reading may have had salt buildup if it was a swing-arm; I've had that problem before and always make sure to test with ro/di water and make sure I get 0 before testing my salt mix.


I got a refractometer from Marine Depot recently, great investment.

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