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What I have at this time


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After going to the CFM and getting a kick in the pants to really get going on my tank. I thought i'd share what I got at this time.


First off the old-timers that have been around for awhile.

My frogspawn



My purple Pocilipora



My Blasto



And my tyree's Purple Unknown that I won 3 years ago at the BBQ



Almost forgot whats left of my green slimer


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Wow' date=' looking good -- get to work on that tank :)[/quote']


Well since Andy said so............


Me and the wife got the tank into the 'final resting spot' today. I'll need to finish the plumbing and find a return pump. Plus build a stand for the prop tank and fuge to set on and the plumbing for that also.


So thats where I stand as of today. Pictures in a few days.

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You would not say that if you had to move it around! :)


I feel your pain about moving tanks around, but mine was FULL of water, rock, and animals!


I have moved my tank no less than 6 times, and have decided that I want to move it slightly again once I finish getting walls up in my basement (making a fish room for myself, and an entertainment room for the rest of the family).




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OK Update time:


After the CFM I needed to do a few things around the house. And I made a table to put the Tortoise tank and the Chamaleon tank on. Also built a 'tower' addition for the Chamaleon that fits atop his tank. (I'll get some pictures up later.)


So I got back to work on the tank. Today I made a version of a DIY overflow drain. Which means I got it cut and dry fitted, need to glue it still. Need to get a check valve and put that in it too. (pix to come) Started to cut and make my table out of 2x4s that will hold my refugium, prop tank, and skimmer. Didn't get to far on that part today but will continue to work on it and hopefully before long I'll be 'testing' the plumbing!!




Stay tuned for more .....................................

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Well I think I [language filter] near got all of my 'table' built.

Need to finish the plumbing. (need to get some tubing, clamps, and replace a couple of bulkheads)

Also need to hook up with Garrett so I can have him drill a hole or two for me.


Then I can 'wet test'!! (hooray!!)

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Well the building of 'tables' is done and Garrett made it over today and drilled the tanks for the holes that I needed.


So I need to get some vinyl tubing, a couple of bulkheads, and maybe a few more clamps and we should be good to go!!


I promise I'll take some pictures and get them posted up for y'all to check out.

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Today was a trip to Portland and all the LFS'!!! (yahoo) (yahoo)


Got all my needed plumbing items except for a 20-22" piece of 1" PVC. :mad: :mad:


Everything else is ready to test as soon as I get a return pump and the hose for that. (thinking Mag 9.5)



So yet again I need to wait...................

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Thanks for the offer but Home Depot had some 2' pieces of PVC for $1.50 so I grabbed one to finish up. But thanks anyways. And yeah I still want to come over and check things out!!



I got the bulkheads from Jason at CRPC. But alot of the LFS up there in the Portland area have them. So check with them.

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OK now for the tank pictures.........


Tank in it's 'resting spot'.



The DIY drain setting there looking pretty while the glue dries.



My plastic totes that will house RO/DI and mixed water.



These two are of the skimmer box, refugium below that. the prop/grow out tank which is above the sump.



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