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55 Gallon Flat Back Hex Full Setup (just add fish)


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So in early June I bought a 55 gallon flat back hex tank for my apartment under the apparent delusion that my apartment complex would allow it. Well to find out I spoke with the owner and the floor plan will not support the 700-800 pounds of tank w/ supplies that I am anticipating. So here it is.


55 gallon flat back hex tank

(Custom Overflow box drilled in back w/1'1/2" inch pipe)

(All tubing required to go from the overflow outflow to the micron bag in a sump)

(Also drilled with a 3/4" return with locline included)

400gph Return pump (Gen-X)

(All tubing to go from the return pump to both the protein skimmer and the return line)

Full canopy (black)

Matching Stand (black)

RPS-1000 Protein Skimmer brand new ($250 paid)

48" Coralife 260 Watt PC System w/ four moonlights

#40 Tahitian Moon Sand still in bag

Various chemicals to support a reef tank

Enough Salt to make 300 gallons of water



I have over 1400 invested in all of this stuff. If I could get 800-900 for the whole setup I would love to as this would vastly help with tuition. Please pm me as I would like to sell the setup together, but if I have to part out I need to sell the tank first. Please pm me as I am willing to take legitimate offers for the setup. It is all currently located in Pullman, Wa but I would be willing to bring it back or partway if necessary.


Thanks and I hope this can find a good home soon.





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