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90 Gal Acrylic tank/stand full package for sale


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We are selling our tank, we just don't have room for it anymore!


90 Gal acrylic tank - 60x18x36

Solid oak stand and custom oak top - base is 74x18,36 - little longer than tank, served beautifully for having a place to rest supplies on the sides.


The top includes 2 175w 10k metal Hallides - ballasts and bulbs though it is time to replace the bulbs.

Also two 90w 36" acticnic ballists. No bulbs but easy enough to find. Top also has two fans built in to aid in cooling.


20 gal sump with pumps, over flow, water movers, nearly full bucket of salt, water filter, really the full package. Great starter tank.


We have rock currently out of water. It had weeds so we decided to dry them out and kill the bad stuff. If you have a seperate area to cycle them and bring them live again you are welcome to the rock as well. There is quite a bit of it, more than shown below.


The sad story of it is we purchased this tank over 5 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. We left on vacation a few months ago and there was an unexpected power outage. The power backup apparently failed and the tank crashed. Our poor neighbor who was coming in every few days to feed the fish walked in on the sad sight and there was nothing he could do, all the fish and few corals we had were gone by the time he checked in. Now that we have a child and a college savings plan to fund, we decided we just really don't have the time and money to get it going again. It is sitting empty and ready to go to a new home.


Retail for everything is well over 3k, we are wanting to get $850 for it.


Please contact us with any questions, it really is a nice system. qofther@yahoo.com 503 649-5811. We are happy to help set it up and show you how it all works together if needed.


img]    <img src=[/img]

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