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Thanks to Travis and the group at UPSCALES!!!!

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Just wanted to say 'THANKS' to Travis at Upscales.


Went there today to get some frag plugs and crickets. And also came home with a piece of xenia to use as a test coral to see if my "holding tank" is ready to accept some new corals. If it survives I might use it as my fuge media instead of cheato, (but that's another story all together for a later date).


But back on topic.........

I just wanted to let Travis know how nice it is to have a good LFS around!! Had a good experience today while I was there and it made me think about how lucky we are.


I, in the last 6 months, have traveled a bit from Roseburg/Medford over to Boise, Idaho and a few places in between.

All I can say is that we are lucky to have good stores, with good employees, and good prices!!!


THIS IS NOT SAYING THAT OTHER LFS' IN PORTLAND ARE NOT GOOD!!!!! If we didn't have good competition between our LFS'......... I think we might then find out what it is like to have to take whatever is offered to us!



So even though I wrote this in the Upscales forum..... I am so very glad to have choices! And there are many good ones around.


Just remember that when you have a good/great experience at your LFS!


And DON'T take it for granted!

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