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Eugene Meet and Greet WAS A HIT

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We had a great time at the Eugene Meet and Greet. Got to meet new people and talk about ideas. The topic of conversation seemed to be Tanks for Teachers, and I think we are starting to get the ball rolling in the right direction for Tanks for Teachers.


We are loosely planning several Meet and Greet/DIY activities in the Eugene area and hope that people can make it. We plan to do a DIY rock project and a DIY coral/fish/reef food project before the year is over.


I have already made a couple batches of DIY food so that is something that I would be willing to "head up". I also donated a 1 gallon freezer pack of my DIY food to Joel for his Classroom Aquariums.


Here is a picture of those that were able to make it this time, and we hope to see more and meet new people in the months to come.


From Left to Right:

Kevin and His Children


My Fiance Cora, and Me in Back


Backdrop, my tank, since we met 2 blocks from my house we walked over and did a small tank show after the meeting.


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Thank you for your support with the Meet and Greet in your area. This would not happen without your willingness to participate to share your valuable time from your weekend.


Curtis, it was great to see you again, and a huge thanks for opening your home to share you tanks.


Joel, thank you for taking time out of your family schedule to meet, please remember, family is alway welcome. I am looking forward to working with you and all of the teachers to help with the Tanks for Teachers Program. I also look forward to seeing your tanks when I am down in Eugene again.


I will send the link to get things started.


Again, a huge thanks, and lets do it again very soon, hey, how about next weekend.....LOL



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I am sorry that you missed the free pizza, and we missed you. I will be down again real soon; as I miss my old stomping grounds, it brings back many fond memories....LOL.


Please keep your interest until next time, it will not be long. I will post the next one for Lane County this week.


Thanks for your interest



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Future Meet and Greet for Lane County will be posted this week.


I can maybe do it again in two weeks on Sunday, I will post more on this during this week. The time is not as important as your willingness to show up.


Thanks guys your awesome,



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