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Getting out! Sale, Coral, Fish, equipment.


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I've decided that I need to get out of the salt water fish tank hobby for a while. I'm not going to sell of my tank, just the inhabitants and some equipment. I would prefer to sell stuff locally but I'm not going to mark it down a bunch just to do that, so if it doesn't sell fast on here it will go on RC.


So fish and coral first then the hardware can go.

All Fish are in great shape and have been in the tank now for almost a year. They have no ich or any issues.


  1. 1 Medium Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurus) $70
  2. 4 Medium Pajama Cardinals $10 each




I will post pics of everything next, the coral pics will be in order as they are listed. I will NOT hold anything for anyone without $$$ first. I live in Milwaukie just off 205 and 99e. I will be available all day on Monday and then evening during the week. Please PM me if you want to setup a time to come by and get something.

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Skimmer for sale AFTER inhabitants are gone, CA Reactor & Chiller available NOW

  1. 1 ATB Med Cone Skimmer (comes with needle & Mesh impellers) less then a year old works prefect No cracks or damage. $900 (retails for $1199)
  2. 1 1/2hp Tradewinds inline chiller (IL-49-S, 4900 btu) brand new never used, controller is included $600. (retails over $950)





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Yeah I'll be home around 6pm so anytime after that will work. I'll PM you my address just let me know what time you want to come by.




When will you be home tomorrow? I may want to come by and check out some of those $3-10 SPS frags. I am busy all morning, then again after 5:30 in the evening. Are you home in the late afternoon?



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