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FS: Lots of Equipment


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I've got the following for sale.


Prop tank - 48x10x10 - $50

Prop tank - 36x10x10 - $40

Prop tank - 36x16x10 - $50


Water tank - tall triangle - 14x66 - $75

Water tank - short tub - 24x16x20 - $75


Skimmer housing - ER 6-3 - $100


Flexspa tubing - 2" dia. - $1/ft


Dry rock - great shapes - $2.50/lb


I have a ton of other stuff as well: all used

Maxijets 400s, 1200s

Ampmaster 3000s


I'll update this thread as i find stuff and take pics.






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I'm in the west hills on barnes Road, near St. Vincent's Hosp.


The Milwaukee Controller is a:

Smart pH Meter SMS122


Someone already inquired about it, but I'm actually having difficulty finding it now, so hold off if you're interested. Took these pics 6 months ago.

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bumping this up.


Still have the ER6-1 skimmer body, reflectors, and water tanks(although the triangular one is on hold).


Also I have dry rock, large pieces, great shapes, moslty Fiji and Marhall. $2/lb.


Lets see...what else...


a TON of PVC plumbing parts, spaflex 1.5" and 2" tubing...more to come.

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I'm on Barnes Road(Burnside becomes Barnes) in the West hills. Ya I do have some rock left. All Fiji or Marshall, open shapes. About 60lbs I think. PM me and we'll setup a time if you wanna come check it out.


It's dry so shouldn't need too much cycling.

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