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masked rabbit -siganus puellis


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I have a little feather caluerpa issue.



I noticed that from your picture.


I got a fox-faced rabbit to help control hair algae. He would eat it down to about 3-4 mm length, then not touch it after that. It looked like moss on the rocks. I was hoping that he would eat it down to bare rock.... :(



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I hand trim and siphon when I have time. I hope he will keep up while I am out of the room. I do not want to eradicate the algae, just keep it from going bezerk. It looks pretty flapping in the flow from the scwd. It is a clearly a nutrient export tool as well. I remove a handful probably once a week. I am not keeping corals in this tank so as long as I make real estate for the btas to get light we're fine.

Besides he is a beautiful and unique fish.


An interesting side note. In my research I found that Rabbitfish are key to survival of the reefs today more than ever before. As corals die (from ocean temp rise, etc.) macroalgae has encroached on many reefs. The rabbitfish have moved in and are keeping things in check. According to ecologists, they are making a dent in the macroalgae encroachments that have started to occur around the Pacific.

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