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What evryone wants to find in there tank


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Some questions that I can not tell from the pics (nice pics by the way). The tiny pincers up by the head (in the 4th picture), do they come from the thorax or from the mouth area?


It has been many years since I did arthropod taxonomy, but from what I remember...


If the claws are on the thorax, then there are 5 sets of "legs" on each side, and it is a decapod (crab, shrimp, lobster). If the claws come from the mouth area, then they are chelicera, not legs, and it makes it only have 4 legs on each side and it is an arachnid (spider, tick, mite).


My best guess is that it is a type of crab, not a sea-spider. :)



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I have something similar in my tank! I have never seemed to have any problems by it so I leave it alone..... More like I cannot catch the little bugger!!!LOL I saw him in a rock crevis a few weeks after I got some new rock. I pocked and proded ripping some small pieces off the rock trying to get to him but to no avail!!!! I have only actually seen him twice since then and I think I felt him once when I picked up his rock but I freaked at the feeling like a spider was on my hand and I dropped the rock. So I told him I would make a deal he leaves my livestock alone and I will let him be!!!!! He never really comes out of the rock crevises but I seem to see him only right before I turn the lights out. I have tried looking with a flashlight after the lights have been off a while but never have any luck...........(scratch)

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