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it dosnt look right


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my green bubble tip anemone, dosnt look right. any ideas! suggestions? i know there will be lots of questions about water parameters, the only thing i have wrong right now is low calcium. i have 250 watt hqi for lighting. but questions are still welcome. thanks in advance.




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How long have you had it, and how long has it been deflated like that?


They can do that for a day or so every couple of weeks and be just fine. Sometimes they completely deflate and pull into themselves for two or three days. Then just when you are about to give up on them they are out and happy just like always.


have you read this? It is all about rose bubble anemones, but it applies to all bubbles, and most other anemones.



Depending on how big your BTA is, you may want to try feeding it silversides (a small salt water fish). You can often find them in the freezer at the fish store.


Good luck with your anemone.



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I have seen bubble tips do that many times and many times its just a temporary thing. I used to feed my RBA silversides once a week. Then I moved to every two weeks and now I simply do not feed it. Believe me it is gigantic. Occasionally my pink skunk clowns bring it food but other than that its main source of nutrients come from the zoanthelia and their photosynthetic energy production. I also have a carpet that I have had for along time and the same applies to it. Both are extremly healthy and have excellent color. I would let it do its thing. Maybe provide some nice clean water with a water change making sure that your salinity reflects appropriately to its needs. Good luck and I hope it turns around for you. Its not in too bad of shape as of current and looks as if it has great potential for turn around.



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