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Looking For Volunteers / In Home Meetings


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I am needing volunteers for In home meetings for the coming months in the Salem,Albany/Corvallis, Eugene Areas. You just need to be willing to host, even if you are not a member.


(You are not required to speak, just open your home to our Club.)We are no longer going to be doing Meetings In Local Fish Shops. Our club is returning to In Home Meeting as this is that has work best in the past.


We need to put our club back together where everyone can attend meeting. So, this is the challenge; I would like to have offers for In Home Meeting in these areas. Due to the rising cost of fuel we are offering meeings in the North and South.


I will buy 2 PNWMAS T-Shirts for the persons that offer their home and host the Spetember and/or November In Home Meeting . As soon as you offer you home the meeting will be set.




If you are not able to attend FEAR NOT our Meet and Greets can take the place of your missed meetings.


Our Meet and Greets are going to be held a the following.



1030 SW 3rd St

Corvallis, OR 97333


Papa's Pizza Parlor

1577 Coburg Rd.

Eugene, OR 97401


Stay tuned, because I will be offering something for the willing and hosting member or participant that host the next In Home Meeting.


Thank you in advance,



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Location/Date/Time Corvallis & Eugene Meet and Greets


UPDATE: Meet and Greet Locations and Times


This is posted as two new threads named EUGENE MEET and GREET; as well as CORVALLIS MEET and GREET. This is done in an effort to track the interest and participation in both areas. Please visit those threads to post your reply with your interest and intent to attend these exciting functions that will rally our club together.





1030 SW 3rd St JULY 13TH 4:00 PM - 8:00PM

Corvallis, OR 97333





1577 Coburg Rd JULY 27th 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Eugene, OR 97401-4853



This time was set to accomidate work schedules the best that I could.


I hope to see everyone; this is a family time with great pizza and an indoor play area. Many have expressed an interest to meet, and many had reservations because of having children. Now we all have a reason to join our Meet and Greets; because of our club will embrace valuable family time, and our club will be family friendly.


We are planning to hold one a month in Corvallis and Eugene to meet the needs of all who are in the south.


Thank you in advance for your interest; and we plan on seeing all of you in your own areas. Our club is starting to come to you so your participation is needed to strengthen our club in all areas that are club has members and participants.



Many Thanks Again,


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