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Calling All Photographers


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We will be having a PNWMAS booth at the NW Coral Farmers Market on August 2nd, 2008 at the


Ramada Inn and Suites

Portland Airport Hotel

6221 NE 82nd Avenue

Portland (Airport), Oregon 97220-1302


I would like to create a DVD of photos that people have of PNWMAS activities and their own personal tanks, livestock, and corals. I think that it would be a good way for those not familiar with our group to see what is going on in our member’s tanks and activities we do as a group. We would have the DVD running at the booth.


I would ask that people email pictures in .jpeg, .bmp or .gif format to me directly, with the understanding and permission that these photos can be used in the creation of this DVD.


Please submit photos by July 14th. My email address is kevinmcfish@q.com


Thank you in advance for sharing.



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I have received some great photos from a few members. I am not downloading photos from the forum, as I do not want to infringe upon individual photo ownership. If you don't have time to email the photos to my email address for this project. Please consider maybe PMing me with permission to use photos that you may have previously posted, or maybe just reply to this thread with your permission.


BTW, this DVD is for club promotion only and is not being sold. Thanks in advance for sharing your creative works and tanks.

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